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ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) is an English pronunciation app that uses artificially intelligent speech-recognition technology to teach English pronunciation skills.

Our award winning speech recognition AI will be able to give you specific remediation instructions within seconds. From audio to video support showing tongue and mouth movement, you’ll sound like a native speaker with daily practice.

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ELSA for Organizations

ELSA’s world class training program is proven to improve employee English speaking proficiency and drive business outcomes.

Give your team access to over 14,000 speaking lessons

We cover all of the important speaking skills such as pronunciation, word stress, intonation, and feature over 60 topics from business English to casual conversations. Our content is easily accessible from any mobile device so your team can practice with ease.

Create personalized learning paths for your business units

Our world class linguists will tailor the content to your business needs to give your employees that extra advantage by learning the vocabulary and expressions that are applicable to their daily work context.

Measure and assess engagement with real time analytics

Access the status of your learning programs and stay up-to-date with your team through detailed reporting. With a suite of management tools available on our platform, you’ll be able to get insights that will drive your organization towards long-term growth.

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ELSA by the numbers

Learners that use ELSA regularly reported significant improvement in their communication and productivity.*


Saw an improvement in pronunciation


Felt they spoke more clearly


Expressed higher confidence in speaking english

(*Based on learners who use ELSA for 10 minutes a day for three months.)

Proudly serves

13 million users

#1 recommended

by ESL teachers world wide

300M exercises


How ELSA helps improve communication effectiveness and business results

ELSA offers a diverse and updated content and resources to improve people's English pronunciation in a short period of time

Instant and precise pronunciation feedback

ELSA's proprietary voice recognition technology, ranked among the top 5 artificial intelligence apps, pinpoint exactly what learners need to improve from individual sounds to intonation and fluency.

Recommended lessons and features

Relevant, updated content and features can help you find interesting lessons and improve quickly

Explore more than 60 topics

Variety of topics ranging from Daily Conversation to Work and Career have help millions of users improve daily life and industry vocabulary

Different pronunciation practice types

Multiple game types to help you focus on a specific skill, resulting in faster improvement

Dictionary Function

Speak any word and get instant feedback to improve your pronunciation and speaking skill

Daily personalized lessons with Coach

Recommended daily lessons based on your level of proficiency and interest to accelerate your improvement

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