Frequently Asked Questions

Pentagon Feature – How does the Pentagon scoring system work?

We also offer the Pentagon feature. Here you can get a better grasp of which part needs to be worked on (pronunciation, listening, etc.) instead of just showing the scores.

If you have taken the Assessment test:

  • Once you finish the test, 4 of the 5 skills in Your ELSA Score will be updated: Pronunciation, Fluency, Word Stress and Intonation. Listening is not evaluated as a part of the initial assessment test.
  • ELSA will then create a personalized learning path for you so you can focus on your weaknesses. As you complete more lessons to cover all five skills, Your ELSA Score will be updated accordingly to reflect your latest progress.

If you have not done the Assessment test:

  • Your ELSA Score will not show your levels until you take enough lessons recommended by ELSA. Your scores might not get updated instantly, as our AI needs to collect enough data from your speech to provide an accurate assessment. The more time you practice with ELSA, the more accurate your score will be.

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