Frequently Asked Questions

Activate/pay for a package without logging into your Email / Facebook account

If you accidentally activate/pay for the program without logging into an account associated with Email / Facebook. Your account will be in Guest account status. To fix this problem, follow these steps with the phone you used to purchase this subscription

  1. Log out of the current account to return to this page
  2. Press Next and Skip until you reach this Screen
  3. Choose “I’ll do it later” as the image below
  4. Go to Settings -> Your Profile, you will see you are using the Guest Use
  5. Choose SignUp with a NEW email/Facebook that you have never used to Sign In ELSA

As a result, kindly check if you can SignUp with your annual membership, and your progress is saved

Finally, Restore purchase: Open ELSA Speak app → ProfileGet ELSA ProRestore to purchase → Check package status (in case you sign up but the account is still free)

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